Egyxos - Labyrinth Run

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Enter Apis' labyrinth with Leo and help him become a real Egyxos warrior. Run, jump, slide, avoid obstacles and defeat the Black Army's enemies. Collect coins and complete the fun, action-packed missions. Only in this way will Leo gain the respect and admiration of Apis, his teacher and battle guide.

And at the totally new store, you can buy Power Ups for an even more exciting run.


  • run through Apis' pyramid labyrinth
  • jump and slide to manoeuvre your way through course obstacles
  • shoot enemies with Leo's laser beam
  • collect Scarab coins to help you complete the missions more easily
  • multiply the points: the more coins you collect the higher your score
  • power Up to complete your missions even faster

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Leo's adventure in the world of the Egyxos never ends: - New start from Apis' training arena - Collect the jewels from Leo's bracelet: collect them all to activate Super Run mode - Ward off enemy blows with the shield you find on your way - Power Up store: for an even more exciting run - Coin store: if you need a hand, ask Apis for your pocket money Have fun!

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